“On Top of Sticky Fingers (Head, Bodies & Tales)”

Released the 6th. of September 2014 by Excess Agenda Music.

“Riders On The Storm (16 psychedelic rock nuggets to blow your mind)”

Released by Classic Rock Magazine in the November issue 2014 .

“My Favorite Color is Gold”,

Released the 6th. of September 2015 by Excess Agenda Music

“I wasted my life, Listening to Elliott Smith..”,

Released the 6th. of September 2016 by Excess Agenda Music

“On Top of Sticky Finger(Head, Bodies & Tales) [Remastered]"

Coming Soon..



The Oslo based songwriter Casper Blanca, originally from Copenhagen, debuted in 2014 with the EP “On Top of Sticky Fingers” which included 8 different feature-artists or bands, one for each song. The collaboration EP was followed by the 2015 release “My Favorite Color is Gold” and later on the 2016 release “I Wasted My Life, Listening to Elliott Smith”. All 3 albums were released the 6th. of September with one year in between.